Scratch Map – Your Personal Travel Guide

It is both motivating and rewarding to visualize your travels in places you have always wished to visit. When you finally do, crossing it off in the itinerary list is such a satisfying experience, more so if it is in a physical way. It is a visual reminder of places you have covered, and those that remain to be visited.

A Scratch Map is a physical way to keep track of places you visit and to plan for your forthcoming adventures. Here is a rundown of the Scratch Map and the reasons for its growing popularity.

What is a Scratch Map
It is a Map with a premium scratchable top foil layer covering the surface of maps. As you visit a place, you scratch off where you have been on the map, revealing a bright, multi-coloured world beneath, and create a personalized travel record. The foil coating features a world map which is designed in a gold laminated thick card. One can also use push pins to mark places. You feel inspired to explore new places, adventures, and cultures with your map.

Various Types of Scratch Maps
In addition to the original Scratch Map that looks impressive on the wall, there are maps that range from region-specific to smaller versions and others. Hence, one can find a gourmet Scratch Map, travel versions of small maps, maps to record your adventures in-depth, or the adventure map and adventure journal that focus on gaining experiences of the most exciting and beautiful places on earth. Besides, one will come across novelty Maps like Scratch Globes for a three-dimensional effect, maps that glow in the dark, framed Scratch Maps or maps to stick up photos and keepsakes.

How to Use Your Scratch Map
Whenever you make a trip to a new adventure, just scratch off the outer gold foil layer of the places you visit with a coin or with a scratch tool and reveal a world of colours for a personal record of your travels. You can use push pins to mark out places you plan to visit in future. There are Maps that come with a bucket list of places that you don’t want to miss and provide information on where to find them. You too can make your own bucket list. To have the best experience with the Maps, keep a scratch tool, push pins, carry bag, self-adhesive stickers, and a sturdy tube to keep the map safe.

Frame it and Hang It
Back home, don’t keep your map in the closet. Instead, keep your map framed or hang it up with self-adhesive tape, which not only helps you to see and use it but also inspires you for future travels. Your framed map on the wall will look more like a piece of travel art than a mere map. There are a lot many other things that you can do with your Map.

Scratch Map as Gift
You can send Scratch Maps as the perfect travel gift to your friends, family or someone who is off on travels. Adults, kids, students, and seniors will all love the maps as they scratch off the top foil, revealing the places visited as colourful maps and with all the intricate geographical details.

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